Dinner at Dad's

Tonight we headed over to Dad and Barbara's for our birthday dinner.  They fixed us steak and all kinds of good food.


Sick Boy

Since Monday Rigley has been running a fever.   He hasn't complained of anything else.  He is started to sound a  little junky too.  Finally today I decided to take him to the doctor.  He also hasn't been sleeping well  because of the nasty cough.  With him not feeling well both Josh and I have gotten lots of cuddles.

Today I finally decided to take him to the doctor.  She took one look at his right ear and said he's got a raging ear infection.  Well, we finally got an answer.  While we waited for his meds we took a trip to Culvers to get some food in him.  He hasn't had much of an appetite and I knew he would eat some fries.

We got home and got a dose of meds in him then it was time for more cuddles and a nap.


Ice Cream Night

Tonight was ice cream night at Awanas.  It's one of the kids' favorite nights.  They put ice cream in a gutter and everyone eats...and eats...and eats.

Here is Pais and her buddy Hudson.

I stole this pic from Gabe's mom on Instagram.


Birthday Dinner

Today was both Josh and I's birthday.  We went low key tonight and grabbed a quick dinner at Puccini's.  This is one of our favorite places to eat.  Tonight did not disappoint.  The disappointment came when we got home and saw the horrible Colts game.

Here we are taking a pic of ourselves...


Ball Girl

Each soccer season the high school girls invite the rec and academy soccer leagues in to be the ball girls for the evening.  Tonight's game was against a county enemy, New Pal.  Our soccer coach is a New Pal grad so this game was huge for her.  She has not beaten her alma matter since she started coaching.  Chaney did such a great job running up and down the sideline to catch the balls.

Josh was in charge of taking Chaney over because I was coaching a basketball game.  He and Rigley sat and watched or Josh watched and Rigely slept.

After my game I went to grab Chaney while Josh went to grab the other two from Awanas.  I was able to sit and watch the rest of the game.  We won in an exciting match.  Final score was 2-1.

After the game the girls gathered to take pictures.


Ella's 15th

After the soccer games we quickly loaded up, went home to drop off things then went over to Sarah and Tommy's to celebrate Ella's 15th birthday.  How can she be 15??  I still remember waiting for her to be born at the hospital.

No matter how old you get we will still sing to you and make you blow out candles.  Here she is posing for pictures.

Just take a note here...my mom has her eyes open and is smiling.  This never happens in pictures.  And Olivia is photobombing this...

Here are a few little people playing with the windows.  You can see all the big kids outside playing football.

Striker Game

This year Chaney is playing academy soccer.  She gets more practice during the week.  Today was her first 'real' game.  I brought my big camera to take some pics but only got 3 pics until the battery went dead.  So then I was done taking pics.  It was a great day for soccer.  The weather was nice and cool.

The first game they lost 6-3.  Chaney played very aggressive.  She likes playing defense best.  The second game they won 11-0.  It was a bit of a blow out but a huge confidence booster for this group.  Chaney had one assist to Claire.  Chaney is #0.


Sleep Over

Friday after school Chaney went to her friend Claire's house.  I was getting ready to pick her up when I got a text asking if she could stay the night.  Claire and her sister got a new hedgehog and Chaney had fun playing with it.  I bet you'll never guess what she wants for Christmas now.


Wednesday's Date

Since the big kids started school I've made a point to have lunch once a week with this dude.  By having a lunch date I mean going out and making it all about him.  We usually spend our Wednesday's at Culver's.  We get a meal and split it.  We always sit on the same side of the table and we play rock, paper, scissors until our food comes.  Then we take a few pics and always send them to daddy.  It's becoming quite the ritual.


Liv's Game

Tonight we had nothing going on so we went out to watch aunt Liv play her volleyball game.  We try to make one a year.  With our kids doing sports and with Liv's sports it is really hard to do that.

Liv is quite a player.  She has become very aggressive as a hitter and a server.  She served about 10 points in a row the very first game.


Labor Day Celebration

Today we all gathered at the lake to take in one of the last (& hottest) days of the summer.  And to celebrate Labor Day.  Josh had to work at church this morning so he didn't get to join us until about 2.  We got down there about 10:30.  The water was very warm and felt great.

Chaney brought Claire down to the lake today.

We started tubing early because the lake was going to be very crowded.

I'm only posting a few tubing pictures but you can see how much fun they have on this tube.  Audra and I got on this tube today.  We bounced so much.  I'm sure we are going to be so very sore tomorrow.  It was a blast!

 Charlie loves his momma.

More tubing fun.  Ella brought her friend Autumn down today.

I know this pic cuts off their heads but...look how much air is underneath the tube and the water.  This is Silas and Tucker.

Pete and Joey were funning from papaw because he was spraying them.

Paul doing his own thing on the paddle board.

Silas was having some fun with the hillbilly teeth.

Snakes have been around the lake house this summer.  There was one sunning on the steps so all the kids went to find and kill it.  Mamaw Barbara is terrified of snakes.  Actually, the word terrified doesn't even touch it.  She didn't even want to walk up the stairs because the snake WAS there.

While we were down we celebrated Silas' birthday.  Here are all the grandkids and a few extras.  We left about 8 to come home.  The car ride was very quiet.  Pais and Claire fell asleep.  Everyone else was in a daze.


Date Night

Josh and I had a rare date night tonight.  Lately, we have many things to celebrate.  Josh has been at AT&T for 15 years, our 14th anniversary, our birthdays are coming up and I recently started a new (part-time) job.

We were looking at our calendar and realized this maybe our last free weekend for a long time so we jumped on it.  Josh's parents were able to watch the kids for us.

Our evening started out by trying to dodge storms that decided to hit the east side.  We left and it was raining.  The closer we got to Indy the harder it came.  Hail, wind, heavy rain....our drive was slow.  We were too early for our reservation so we went to the Apple Store, because that's what nerds do on their date nights.

Our reservations were for 8 but we went over to the restaurant about 7:15.  We sat in the bar and Josh enjoyed his shrimp cocktail and I watched football.  We got our table around 8.

After a meal mix-up...4 steaks...and one free dessert later we finally left about 9:15.  That felt like the longest dinner of my life.  It was a great evening spent with my favorite guy.

Rigley's Week

This morning Josh had All Pro Dad's with the big kids at school.  On his way to work he stopped by home to get Rigley.  Of course, Rigley was excited to go to Miss Codi's so he waited outside for daddy.

Miss Codi sent pictures of what they did...

They have been learning about the seasons.  Rigley was teaching them all how to make snow angels.
Rigley and Hudson have been working on counting.

Mo was playing doctor and checking them all out.
Rigley and his friend, Kohlee.
Even Miss Codi gets in on the action.  They fixed her up with an ice cream hat.