Ball Girl

Each soccer season the high school girls invite the rec and academy soccer leagues in to be the ball girls for the evening.  Tonight's game was against a county enemy, New Pal.  Our soccer coach is a New Pal grad so this game was huge for her.  She has not beaten her alma matter since she started coaching.  Chaney did such a great job running up and down the sideline to catch the balls.

Josh was in charge of taking Chaney over because I was coaching a basketball game.  He and Rigley sat and watched or Josh watched and Rigely slept.

After my game I went to grab Chaney while Josh went to grab the other two from Awanas.  I was able to sit and watch the rest of the game.  We won in an exciting match.  Final score was 2-1.

After the game the girls gathered to take pictures.

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