Date Night

Josh and I had a rare date night tonight.  Lately, we have many things to celebrate.  Josh has been at AT&T for 15 years, our 14th anniversary, our birthdays are coming up and I recently started a new (part-time) job.

We were looking at our calendar and realized this maybe our last free weekend for a long time so we jumped on it.  Josh's parents were able to watch the kids for us.

Our evening started out by trying to dodge storms that decided to hit the east side.  We left and it was raining.  The closer we got to Indy the harder it came.  Hail, wind, heavy rain....our drive was slow.  We were too early for our reservation so we went to the Apple Store, because that's what nerds do on their date nights.

Our reservations were for 8 but we went over to the restaurant about 7:15.  We sat in the bar and Josh enjoyed his shrimp cocktail and I watched football.  We got our table around 8.

After a meal mix-up...4 steaks...and one free dessert later we finally left about 9:15.  That felt like the longest dinner of my life.  It was a great evening spent with my favorite guy.

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