Labor Day Celebration

Today we all gathered at the lake to take in one of the last (& hottest) days of the summer.  And to celebrate Labor Day.  Josh had to work at church this morning so he didn't get to join us until about 2.  We got down there about 10:30.  The water was very warm and felt great.

Chaney brought Claire down to the lake today.

We started tubing early because the lake was going to be very crowded.

I'm only posting a few tubing pictures but you can see how much fun they have on this tube.  Audra and I got on this tube today.  We bounced so much.  I'm sure we are going to be so very sore tomorrow.  It was a blast!

 Charlie loves his momma.

More tubing fun.  Ella brought her friend Autumn down today.

I know this pic cuts off their heads but...look how much air is underneath the tube and the water.  This is Silas and Tucker.

Pete and Joey were funning from papaw because he was spraying them.

Paul doing his own thing on the paddle board.

Silas was having some fun with the hillbilly teeth.

Snakes have been around the lake house this summer.  There was one sunning on the steps so all the kids went to find and kill it.  Mamaw Barbara is terrified of snakes.  Actually, the word terrified doesn't even touch it.  She didn't even want to walk up the stairs because the snake WAS there.

While we were down we celebrated Silas' birthday.  Here are all the grandkids and a few extras.  We left about 8 to come home.  The car ride was very quiet.  Pais and Claire fell asleep.  Everyone else was in a daze.

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