Halloween 2015

The time is finally here...time to dress up.  The kids have been talking about this for days.  With Tucker in a cast it kind of threw a wrench into his costume but we were able to make it work in the wheelchair.

We started going around about 5 and were done about 8.  Saying the kids got some candy is a huge understatement.  They have tons of candy.

We took a break about 6 and came home to eat a bowl of soup.  We had some visitors come in.  The funny thing was we didn't have our light on (on purpose) and these guys busted right in.  It was totally fine and we enjoyed having them come in.  We found some candy to give them.

We had an extra trick or treater over here.  Claire and her momma came over to walk with us.  They don't have many houses on their street.  


Harvest Hoedown

After school we headed over to church for the hoedown.  We always go early to miss the chaos.  This year by going early Tucker actually got to go down the slide a few times.  He was exhausted after climbing up with one leg.

Chaney and Claire played tag with Baylor and Cooper.  Claire didn't want her picture taken I suppose.

We got home and Pais passed out on the couch....then, Beck used her as a pillow.  Paislee was wiped out.


Broken Foot

Friday evening Tucker was playing at his friend's house and hurt his foot.  He came home limping and complaining of it.  Like any good parent we told him to tough it out.  He woke up Saturday and it was really swollen and he wasn't walking on it at all.  After going through this with Rigley we felt like we needed to get him looked at. 

Josh ran him over to our doctor's office where they have walk-in hours on Saturday morning.  After and x-ray she put him in a splint and said we needed crutches.  They didn't have anyone in to read the x-rays so we had to wait until Monday.

On Monday I heard from her office that it was broken.  We got an appointment scheduled for Wednesday morning at the podiatrist.  Waiting two more days wasn't exactly ideal but it is what it is.

Wednesday morning we went in and found out that the fracture is in his growth plate.  So, instead of a walking boot he got upgraded to a full cast.  Ugh!  A full cast with no weight to put on it for 4 weeks. 4 WEEKS!  

He is back to taking a bath and we've pulled him off the bus.  At school I asked the nurse/teacher to allow him to use a wheelchair to get around.  I don't trust 7 year old boys.  The doctor told him to stay off.  If he uses and puts pressure on the foot there is a chance the growth plate will close up.  

Here he is....

He is pretty much over the cast life.  He's missing basketball and hates to watch from the sidelines.  We go back in 4 weeks to have a x-ray then hopefully on to a walking boot after that.


Halloween Party

This afternoon we headed to my dad's for our annual Halloween party.  The kids are supposed to dress up.  My kids outfits were not ready yet.  Chaney and Tucker both want a homemade costume and this momma is behind on getting them ready.

These are the ones who dressed up

Here are all the grandkids (except Paul).  Another baby boy will be added to this in the next month.

The girlies were swinging

Here are the pumpkins that we decorated.  The Brown pumpkin won.  It's the second from the left.  We only win bragging rights.

Halloween Classic Part 2

Today Chaney had one game.  Josh was able to leave work at the church early and come with us.  It was a cool morning but it warmed up as the day went.

Chaney played really aggressive today. In fact, she got called for a few fouls.  These were very questionable calls.  They ended up winning 4-0.  Chaney played every position today and did well.

After the games they each got a trophy and then had fun taking pictures. Chaney's coach calls her Lauren Cheney.  Lauren (Cheney) Holliday is a player for the National Women's Team.  Chaney loves her.

Then they got the selfie stick out....


Halloween Classic Part 1

This is the last soccer tournament of the year.  Chaney and I headed up north for two different games. The weather was kind of blah today.  The first game wasn't too bad.  The second game was at 5 and by that time the weather dropped about 10* and the rain was on and off the entire game.

Between games we went with some friends to the  mall and grabbed some lunch.  We had about 3 hours between games so we had some time to waste.

The girls acting goofy...

I didn't get any pics of the first game.  Here are some of the second game.  You can see the clouds and how gray it was.

Chaney played well.  After the first game she was complaining of her left hamstring bothering her.  During the second game it was obvious it was bothering her.  She wasn't running hard or being aggressive.



Chaney stayed all night with her friend Tanessa.  They had a fire and a dance party outside.  She had a lot of fun over there.



We promised the kids that we would go to a movie over fall break.  However, the weather has been so nice that we have been outside everyday not wanting to waste the sunshine.  So...this morning we finally got to the movie.  The kids wanted to see Hotel Transylvania 2.

This movie was super cute and funny.  Even I enjoyed it.  I would recommend this movie even if you don't have kids...and I haven't even seen the first one yet.


Friend Night

Tonight was our fun night with the Nye family.  This week we decided to hang out at our place and sit by the fire.  Tucker was at Gabe's house so he missed the fun.  Chloe was at home so each child (except Oliver) had someone to play with.

Paislee and Charlotte immediately started feeding the fish.  They had so much fun.  Charlotte was amazed at the amount of fish that were right there waiting on her bread.

These two boys were in their "fort."

More fish feeding...

We had so much fun sitting and laughing around the fire.

A New Park

Today was the final day of break and it was going to be beautiful.  We decided to try out a new park just north of town.  We passed this park on the way to a soccer game a few weeks ago.  We got there and the kids were instantly drawn to the river, of course.  They tried their best to get as close as they could to the water without falling in.  Finally, we got them on the trails.  The trails were really nice and had a few bridges that went over the river and then had a railroad track that we walked under.  The trails had gravel so they were easy to walk on.

There were also really cool places for pictures.

We then asked the kids to take a picture of us and this is what we got...
Chaney was laughing and we weren't sure why...then we figured out she was taking pictures of herself and not us.

Then....they all photobombed us..

We finally kicked them out and got us in the picture...