A New Park

Today was the final day of break and it was going to be beautiful.  We decided to try out a new park just north of town.  We passed this park on the way to a soccer game a few weeks ago.  We got there and the kids were instantly drawn to the river, of course.  They tried their best to get as close as they could to the water without falling in.  Finally, we got them on the trails.  The trails were really nice and had a few bridges that went over the river and then had a railroad track that we walked under.  The trails had gravel so they were easy to walk on.

There were also really cool places for pictures.

We then asked the kids to take a picture of us and this is what we got...
Chaney was laughing and we weren't sure why...then we figured out she was taking pictures of herself and not us.

Then....they all photobombed us..

We finally kicked them out and got us in the picture...

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