Broken Foot

Friday evening Tucker was playing at his friend's house and hurt his foot.  He came home limping and complaining of it.  Like any good parent we told him to tough it out.  He woke up Saturday and it was really swollen and he wasn't walking on it at all.  After going through this with Rigley we felt like we needed to get him looked at. 

Josh ran him over to our doctor's office where they have walk-in hours on Saturday morning.  After and x-ray she put him in a splint and said we needed crutches.  They didn't have anyone in to read the x-rays so we had to wait until Monday.

On Monday I heard from her office that it was broken.  We got an appointment scheduled for Wednesday morning at the podiatrist.  Waiting two more days wasn't exactly ideal but it is what it is.

Wednesday morning we went in and found out that the fracture is in his growth plate.  So, instead of a walking boot he got upgraded to a full cast.  Ugh!  A full cast with no weight to put on it for 4 weeks. 4 WEEKS!  

He is back to taking a bath and we've pulled him off the bus.  At school I asked the nurse/teacher to allow him to use a wheelchair to get around.  I don't trust 7 year old boys.  The doctor told him to stay off.  If he uses and puts pressure on the foot there is a chance the growth plate will close up.  

Here he is....

He is pretty much over the cast life.  He's missing basketball and hates to watch from the sidelines.  We go back in 4 weeks to have a x-ray then hopefully on to a walking boot after that.

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