Family Pictures

For the last 5 years we get our family pictures taken in the fall.  The last 2-3 years I have gotten smart and scheduled over fall break so that we can avoid school, sports and Awanas.  Tonight was perfect for pictures.  Actually, the weather that we have had over fall break has been beautiful.
Here we are on the way to meet Tabitha.  Our plan was to meet at the park in town and shoot.  Once we got there we found about three other photogrpahers and lots of people playing.  

I told her about a park across town and we went there and she loved the setting. 

Here she is trying to get the kids where she wanted them.

Looking good...

We brought our selfie stick and wanted to get Tabitha in a picture with us.  She is normally behind the camera.  She always does a great job with us.  I think she kinda likes us ;-)  These maybe the biggest and most real smiles we got out of our kids all night.

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