Halloween 2015

The time is finally here...time to dress up.  The kids have been talking about this for days.  With Tucker in a cast it kind of threw a wrench into his costume but we were able to make it work in the wheelchair.

We started going around about 5 and were done about 8.  Saying the kids got some candy is a huge understatement.  They have tons of candy.

We took a break about 6 and came home to eat a bowl of soup.  We had some visitors come in.  The funny thing was we didn't have our light on (on purpose) and these guys busted right in.  It was totally fine and we enjoyed having them come in.  We found some candy to give them.

We had an extra trick or treater over here.  Claire and her momma came over to walk with us.  They don't have many houses on their street.  

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