Halloween Classic Part 1

This is the last soccer tournament of the year.  Chaney and I headed up north for two different games. The weather was kind of blah today.  The first game wasn't too bad.  The second game was at 5 and by that time the weather dropped about 10* and the rain was on and off the entire game.

Between games we went with some friends to the  mall and grabbed some lunch.  We had about 3 hours between games so we had some time to waste.

The girls acting goofy...

I didn't get any pics of the first game.  Here are some of the second game.  You can see the clouds and how gray it was.

Chaney played well.  After the first game she was complaining of her left hamstring bothering her.  During the second game it was obvious it was bothering her.  She wasn't running hard or being aggressive.

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