Helping Out

Today we had arranged to help Jaclyn with some work at her new house.  Since she is 5 weeks away from delivering baby #6 (which is a baby boy) it is not easy for her to do some things.  Josh weed eated all day.  I cleaned out the brush in the back yard and the kids hid from us in the barns so that we didn't make them work.  They did help for about an hour then realized they were walking too much so they took off.

We did make great progress.  Jac can actually see out of her kitchen window to the fields behind her house now.  It looks so much better.  Jac is like me, she hates clutter.

Today also happened to be Olivia's birthday.  We all gathered out on the porch to sing to her.  Here we all are...actually, we are missing Rigley, he was asleep in the car.

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