Rigley is 4

Happy 4th Birthday Rigley!!!

Dear Rigley,
Today you turn four and are as rotten as ever!  For the last 30 days we have heard, "For my birthday I want..." You are so excited that it's finally your birthday so you can get what you want.  Right now you are so in to Paw Patrol so everything revolved around that.

In the last year you have grown up so much.  You talk so much clearer and we can understand everything you say.  You still have a crazy little lisp from sucking your thumb.  Chaney had the same thing from sucking on a pacifier.  I am sure you will outgrow it.  You are pretty tall for a 4 year old.  Many people find it hard to believe that you are just turing four.  You are now in size 4/5 clothes.  You have some long arms and legs. 

Your little personality keeps us on our toes and drives us (or me) bonkers some days.  You say "mom" at least 20,000 times a day.  Really, I am not exaggerating on that.  Sometimes you just say "mom" because you feel the need to say something but don't have anything else to follow it up with.  Miss Codi gets to experience the same thing...lucky lady!

You are our little cuddle bug.  You love to sit in my lap or daddy's lap and just sit and play games.  If you are tired you always come up to us and say,  "Can you cuddle with me?"  We take advantage of this because we know these days won't last long.  You also know and realize you are the youngest.  Some days you use that to your advantage.  You love to do anything to get your older siblings to laugh at you.  Some nights at dinner we have the Rigley show.  You will accidentally do something that everyone finds funny and will continue to do it over....and over...and over.  You also think since you are the youngest that you can get away with not picking up toys or getting whatever you want.  Sorry, dude!  That doesn't work for you around here...but you keep trying.

Rigley, one thing I have learned from you is to continue to be thankful for the small things in our lives.  It seems like our life is getting busier and busier.  One thing I really appreciate from you is how you take a moment to look at things around us and are grateful for it.  I can't tell you how many times we are running errands and I hear you say, "Mom, look at that beautiful sun" or "Mom, the moon is really pretty tonight."  On our morning drives to Miss Codi's during the fall you would always notice how pretty the trees were.  These are things that not many four year olds would do.  

Rigley, we love you so much.  You make a perfect ending to making this family complete.  We hope that you continue to have yearning to learn more about God and his Word.  We hope that you continue to have an imagination that makes us go bonkers.  We hope that you have a great 4th birthday.

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