Happy 6th Paislee

Happy 6th Birthday Paislee!

Dear Paislee,

You are now 6.  Your personality is more like you are 13.  You are  quite a crazy girl.  Each morning you wake up and are mad at the world.  You come down with an attitude and like to complain a lot.  Then, after a few minutes and eating some food you begin to perk up.  Finally, you become pleasant to be around.  You have mood swings that I hope will get better by the time you are 13 but I'm pretty sure they won't.  I'm most certain that your mood swings are directly correlated with how much food is in your belly.  Funny how that always seems to work.

This past year was a big year for you.  You started kindergarten.  You love it.  Each day you come home and tell us about everything everybody does in class.  When we ask you what you learned you are never really sure what you did that day.  You are a little social butterfly.  You are always talking about someone different each day.  When we talked to your teacher in October she was telling us how much of a helper you are in class.  You are always the first to volunteer to help the teacher out in any way.

Since starting school in August you are starting to read a little bit.  This is both exciting and frustrating for you.  You try and want to be ahead of the kindergarten level but get frustrated when you have to sound out words instead of already knowing them.  Tucker went through the same phase. Each day you come home from school you want to play school with Rigley.  He sits attentively and listens and plays with you while you 'teach' him on what to do.  You also love to come home and write and color and draw.  Playing with dolls doesn't interest you at all.  You always draw us pictures and notes telling us how much you love us.

You are still enjoying Awanas.  You have done really well with your verses.  Right now you can say all of the books of the New Testament.  You memorized those so quickly.  

Pais, you have quite a spunky personality.  You are always saying funny little things back to your older brother when he picks on you.  Sometimes you don't even have to speak at all and we know exactly what's going through your head by watching your face.  (That is totally from your mother.)

Pais, it is a pleasure to be your parents.  Somedays you make us laugh so hard and you don't even do it on purpose.  You are a delight to have in this family.  I can't wait to see what this year holds for you.  I know one goal that we have set for you is that you learn to ride your bike.  Maybe you'll get a new one for Christmas this year.

We love you bunches Paislee!

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