Tuck's Games

Tucker has been working really hard to come back from his broken foot.  He's been working here at home on dribbling and trying to get back in shape...it's really hard when you only have practice once a week.  This travel team that he's on has kids that really know the game so it's hard coming in behind then being even more behind because of a broken foot.  The last few weeks have been rough on him.  He hasn't played as much as what he has liked.  He had a hard time understanding what his role was on the team.  At his age he thinks its all about scoring.  He and I talked last week about his role is not as much about scoring but everything else.  He needs to be a screener, rebounder, picker, hustler and do the extra things.  This team doesn't need him to score.

He has also been coming with Chaney and I to her practices so that he can get his hands on a ball and have a little bit more instruction.  He had a double header yesterday and got to play more and build up his confidence.  Today he had another game and played nearly the entire game.  I was so proud of him.  For the last few weeks we have been setting goals that he can accomplish.  This way it gives him something to focus on and feel like he achieves something even though he doesn't score.

Here are some pics for today.  Tucker is #12.


Birthday Party

After her game Chaney came home and showered then she was off to her friend Rachel's birthday party.  They went to  a local paint place and had some fun.

Game #3

Today was our third game of the season.  Not sure what was going on with the girls but it seemed as though we were not really awake out there today.  I think they perked up a little bit the second half but by that time it was a little too late.

Here are some pics from today...

And while these girls are playing, these guys are goofing around...


Friday Fun Pics

These are a few pics that I found Friday from Codi and Tuck's teacher.  Codi sent this pic of Rigley and his buddies today.  It's funny how tall Rigley is compared to them.

Then I found Tuck's class picture on his teacher's Twitter account.  This week they have been learning about dirt and worms.  

Today they got to eat dirt pudding with gummy worms.  That's a lot of fun for second graders.


Game #2

Today we had our second basketball game. At half we were up 16 points (I think).  Well....we made things exciting and ended on a tie.  This coach was not happy about that.  The girls played well and did everything we asked them to do.  

There was a lady at the game that shot these pics so I thought I would share them.

Here is a pre-game picture of us all.


Fun With Friends

Chaney has soccer practice on Sunday evenings.  This week we don't have school on Monday because of the holiday.  She got invited to spend the night with her friend and teammate.  After practice I dropped her off in the frigid cold at a restaurant in town to eat.  She always has fun when she is with them.


Picture Day

Tonight at practice was pictures for our basketball team.  I brought my selfie stick and we got some pictures of our team.

I am coaching Chaney's team again this year.  We have such a great group of girls.  These kids are so much fun to hang with and coach.  We are looking forward to a great season.


Mamaw's Birthday

Today was mamaw's birthday so we invited them over for some dinner and some ice cream cake.  We try to get the kids to take pictures with their normal faces...and sometimes that doesn't work out so well.  We do what we can....

Miss Codi Fun

Each week Codi sends us a message with pictures of what they did for the week.  Rigley loves going over there.


Amore's Visit

Sarah called and wanted to see if Amore could stay here while she ran across town to Ella's game.  We were happy to have her here.  When Amore comes here everyone turns into a sitter.  She gets lots of attention.

Rigley and Amore played Paw Patrol in the window.  These two see each other each week at Miss Codi's.

Amore found this hat and wanted a picture.  She and Paislee play so well together.

They also had a photo shoot.  Amore was pretending to sleep.

After they got done playing Amore went upstairs and slept for two hours.