Tuck's Games

Tucker has been working really hard to come back from his broken foot.  He's been working here at home on dribbling and trying to get back in shape...it's really hard when you only have practice once a week.  This travel team that he's on has kids that really know the game so it's hard coming in behind then being even more behind because of a broken foot.  The last few weeks have been rough on him.  He hasn't played as much as what he has liked.  He had a hard time understanding what his role was on the team.  At his age he thinks its all about scoring.  He and I talked last week about his role is not as much about scoring but everything else.  He needs to be a screener, rebounder, picker, hustler and do the extra things.  This team doesn't need him to score.

He has also been coming with Chaney and I to her practices so that he can get his hands on a ball and have a little bit more instruction.  He had a double header yesterday and got to play more and build up his confidence.  Today he had another game and played nearly the entire game.  I was so proud of him.  For the last few weeks we have been setting goals that he can accomplish.  This way it gives him something to focus on and feel like he achieves something even though he doesn't score.

Here are some pics for today.  Tucker is #12.

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