Shoot Out

This weekend was Tucker's last tournament.  He was extremely nervous to play.  Lately, this has been routine.  About 30 minutes before game time he goes into freak out mode.  The team face some pretty tough competition so Tucker's playing time was pretty small.  When he did play he played well.  When he plays well it helps him to gain confidence in himself.

 These two just try to keep them selves occupied during the games...goofballs!

Tucker's team lost the final game.  These little guys were so completely wiped out.  By the end of the game almost the entire team was in tears because they lost, they played bad and they were exhausted.

Most of these kids couldn't even put a smile on their faces.  It was very comical to the parents.


Last Dream Game

Today Chaney's team played for the championship.  We fell short today.  The girls didn't play real well today.  We normally play about 3 good games in a row then have a really bad game.  That is what happened today.  After the game we had a donut party.  The kids one the crazy photo contest so we were rewarded with donuts.  It was a great year with all these crazy girls.


Joke Time

These two get to see each other every Tuesday and Friday at Miss Codi's house.  Today they were sitting by each other and telling knock-knock jokes.  Codi snapped this picture and sent it to us.  I thought it was super cute.


Back to School

We've been sick around here.  Like all out fever, congestion, body aches, etc.  For 5-6 days down and out....everyone, except mom.  5 of 6 of us were down for about 10 days.  That's how long it took to pass through us all.  Tucker and Paislee were the last two to get over it and seemed to take a little longer.  I took them to the doctor and they tested positive for the flu.  Doctor said that probably everyone had the full blown flu.

These two finally went to school on Wednesday for about a half day.  Pais was ready to go back, Tucker not so  much.


Last PC practice

Tonight was our last basketball practice so we decided to have some fun.  We had practice for about 15 minutes and played knock out and dribble tag.  After that we went and played Pie face, signed our shirts and ate some sweet treats.


HBA Game

Tucker's team played for the championship today.  Unfortunately, all of our kids are home sick so Tucker wasn't able to make his games. He was pretty bummed but there was no way he was going to be able to go with his fever.

Great Job Boys!