Brad Paisley Concert

Tonight I was able to go with some of my friends and watch the Brad Paisley concert.  I love summer concerts and always enjoy a fun night out.  Once again, sitting out in the lawn did not disappoint.  We always get a kick out of people watching.


Our Annual Gig

Each year we are asked to come back and photograph my company's annual picnic.  Josh and I always enjoy it.  This year we were back at the Indian's game.  The weather created a little bit of havoc for some traveling in but otherwise it wasn't a huge deal at the game.  It was a great evening to watch a game.  The game ended up going 13 innings and they won on a homer un, pretty exciting.

Josh and I stole my bosses phone and 'may' have took some pics of ourselves.  She was nice enough to send them to me.  This is what they looked like...


Last Day with Grace

This summer Grace has come to watch the kids on Tuesday and Thursday.  The kids have thoroughly enjoyed their time with her.  She has been great with them.   We are lucky to have found her.  On their last day together they made cupcakes and had a water fight.

Practice with Helmets

Tonight was practice with just helmets.  These helmets look huge on these kids but they all look really cute.  Actually, they all look like a bunch of bobble heads running around.

Tucker is in the orange shirt...


Hot Weather

The weather this week has been really warm.  Today we decided to beat the heat by heading down to the lake with a few friends.  The lake is always a little bit more fun with more people.  Dad was sleeping because he is still on nights so we hung out with Barbara.  Josh wasn't able to take off so it was me and 6 kids.  After lunch Barbara took us on a ride and let the kids tube for a little bit.  It was a great day and we had a lot of fun.


That Fun Place

Today Grace asked if they could go to the pool.  They live close so her mom was going to take them all to the pool.  However, half way there it started to pour down.  They ended up changing plans and heading to that Fun Place and played there all afternoon.  I love how Grace always takes pictures and sends them to me.


Splash Island

Each summer we choose an evening to spend at Splash Island with Jenn and Gabe.  The last few years our timing has been horrible.  We choose a day about a month in advance and it always seems to be the coldest day/evening of the summer.  Well, we finally broke that streak.  Today was hot and the evening was hot.  The pool felt good and we were all in the water the entire time.  It was really crowded.  That was the only bad part about this evening.

We always have so much fun with them.