Our Bunch

He is the father of four blonde-headed, blue-eyed beauties...a lover of all things electronics, especially anything Apple and video games...loves Jesus...loves  his family and friends

She is the mother of four blonde-headed, blue-eyed beauties...wife to my best friend and greatest supporter and encourager...lover of all things sports and country music...loves Jesus with all my heart

Together we are the creators of this Brownie Bunch.  We have been married now for 15 years (but together for 20+ years) and we still like each other...a lot.  Some days we like each other more than others.  We are about as opposite as can be, maybe that is why we work so well together.

Our first born, Chaney, was born in the summer of 2006. 
Currently, she is in fourth grade.  She enjoys spending 
time with friends, playing soccer, basketball and drawing.  

Our second born, and first son, Tucker was born in the spring of 2008.  Currently, Tucker is in the third grade and enjoys spending time with his friends.  He is 120% boy and loves to fight, wrestle but still has a very tender heart.  
He enjoys playing football and basketball.

Our third born, Paislee, was born in the winter of 2009. 
Currently, Paislee is in the first grade and is loving it.  She is  my little teacher at home with Rigley.  She loves playing soccer and basketball

The baby of the family is Rigley.  He was born in the fall of 2011.  Currently, he is in pre-K and loves it.  This dude has so many friends.  He loves all things Paw Patrol and Blaze the monster machine.

When you put us together, we look a little something like this...